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Adjustable Hand Exerciser Fitness Gym Equipment | Wonder Arms Body Arm Workout Machine

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The Wonder Arms Exerciser is an adjustable hand exerciser kit designed to develop grip and strengthen various muscles in your arms, back, chest, and shoulders. It is made of thick, durable ABS material and features a technical design handle for a comfortable and non-slip grip. Suitable for all fitness levels and age groups, this safe fitness equipment burns calories while improving arm flexibility and muscularity.

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Wonder Arms Exerciser Fitness Gym Equipment Body Arm Workout Machine

The Wonder Arms Exerciser is a fantastic tool to strengthen the grip and develop the strength of fingers, wrists, forearms, back arms, chest, shoulders, and back. It is also helpful in improving the flexibility and muscularity of the arm.

  • Burn calories while you work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, back & more
  • Perfect for all fitness levels and age groups

The Wonder Arms Exerciser is made of thick ABS material, which is highly durable. It features a technical design handle that provides a comfortable grip and excellent non-slip performance, ensuring good wear resistance.

This fitness equipment is designed to be safe to use. It comes with a professional micro-rebound that prevents profiteering rebound, completely solving the safety hazard for safe fitness with no hurt and safe micro-rebound.

The Wonder Arms Exerciser is easy to store, thanks to the buckle of the handle's bottom that allows for easy storage and convenient carrying. The user-friendly designed rear buckle can be fixed after folding, making it even more compact for storage.

Caution: Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Always use caution when exercising and discontinue any exercise that causes pain or discomfort.

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